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Who we are

iShare is a place for the cultivation of financial technology entrepreneurship. We maximize the benefits of funding from Federal and Provincial Governments, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Industrial Research Assistant Program, along with industry and academic partners. iShare was established to drive forward and advance the creation, growth, and maturation of sustainable new technology in the Financial Industry. Our goal is to facilitate and reinforce cutting edge technology in the Financial Industry and raise it to the next level.

What we do

■ Commercialization and go to market strategy
■ Iinternationalization
■ Raising funds
■ Proposal writing
■ Financial modeling
■ Desktop application development
■ Mobile application development
■ Connecting to venture capitalists and angel investors
■ Serious game development
■ eLearning/mLearning development

What we offer

■ Resources
   ○ Developers
   ○ Financials
   ○ Funds
   ○ Legal
   ○ Strategy
   ○ Sales and Marketing
   ○ PR
   ○ Office Spaces
■ Management expertise
■ Introduction to the financial industry